04 December 2008

Alice and Bob

Just wanted to have a nice private conversation... Until the police stepped in.
http://www.websequencediagrams.com is cool
Here's my source:
note over Alice,Bob: Want to have a secure conversation
note over Bob,Frank: Roommates
Police->Alice: Taps Alice's line
Bob->Police: Pays off
activate Bob
Police->Bob: Informant
deactivate Bob
Bob->Alice: Stabs
note over Alice: Dies
Alice->Bob: Falls Down onto
Bob->Frank: Asks to borrow shovel
Frank->Bob: Lends shovel
Bob->Alice: Buries Body
Alice->Alice: Decomposes
Frank->Police: Calls the Authorities
Police->Bob: Arrest

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10 February 2008

Simple DIV Table

I have created a simple example of a table generated strictly with div's and css. Unlike the css table tag, it is difficult to make one stretch dynamically with the width. This page (source) also illustrates some of the web-design techniques i had picked up.

Take a look: posts/divtabletest.htm

(Made old school.... notepad.exe)

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