18 March 2008

Irritation Roundup

Other titles for this blog post include but are not limited to:

Qualitative review of top Operating Systems, My way of showing that I heart Server 2008, Another way to review Operating Systems, Post your own Operating System Review, How I learned to stop worrying and love Microsoft.

Okay now for the post:

Recently I built myself a "Hackintosh" and even as I'm writing this the spellchecker is prompting me to change it to Mackintosh. A post on how it was built will follow. This means that I now have all the major OS's running all around me: Vista, Leopard, XP, and Server 2008. Because of this I realized that this "qualified" me to write an operating system review in which I compare benchmarks and other highly quantitative figures till I'm blue in the face and you're bored of reading this post. On the topic of reading this post, I didn't think anyone read my blog until a few comments appeared on some of my older posts… well this post should take care of that. Anyhow, I decided not to review these OS's quantitatively but rather qualitatively. By that I mean how irritating these operating systems are.

Notes: These images reflect my opinion; if you don't agree please feel free to make your own review with the templates posted toward the bottom. The red line depicts my "developer" opinion of irritation on the operating system, and the black line a more user centric opinion.

Windows Vista
– It's been pooped on a lot by everyone…but I still use it

Leopard Mac OS 10.5 – It is user friendly but irritates like all the rest

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn – I have the most amount of fun running this and I get the least amount done

Windows Server 2008 –Wow, just wow

The truth is that on all operating system there is a "getting used to it" period, a "wow" period and an "I hate this" period. It comes down to the fact that all operating systems have their quirks and you just get used to them… Except Windows ME – whata peacea junk. Oh... and you start swearing by them (os's) and become an annoying forum troll who's only purpose is to keep osnews.com in business (j/k I love osnews).

Well there you have it, as I am sure this review will become the new standard in testing operating systems on users below are the templates, I would love to see your graphs and comments linked in the comment section.

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