13 February 2008

Mio c220 PMP

So I was looking for a Personal Media Player (PMP) to take with me on my cruize and had narrowed it down to the RAmos V80 2GB and the JXD 951 2GB players from MP4Nation.NET
Then it hit me... for X-MAS I was given a GPS... and on the back of that GPS... it said Windows CE Core 5 :-)

A great unlocking tutorial: http://computerbits.wordpress.com/

And now I have a media player:
PS. If you don't own a PMP or a C220 do have a look at the two PMP's I was going to purchase, as they are inexpensive and amazing.

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10 February 2008

Simple DIV Table

I have created a simple example of a table generated strictly with div's and css. Unlike the css table tag, it is difficult to make one stretch dynamically with the width. This page (source) also illustrates some of the web-design techniques i had picked up.

Take a look: posts/divtabletest.htm

(Made old school.... notepad.exe)

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