06 September 2007

Boycott YouTube

Man Google ... take a few more steps to being an evil corporation why don't you.

Let's look at YouTube's new Terms: [Link1] [Link2]
Now a link to something really crummy:
[Google bending over backward](scroll down)

I'll add alternates to this site where people can post their videos w/o fear. Technically MySpace is okay on the terms and conditions, but posting for News Corp sends chills down my spine.

I have one request from the people using YouTube: get in the habit of saying "Google did..." not "YouTube did..", I'm hoping that once Google sees bad publicity they'll change their ways. This is the kinda thing Google can do that makes me weary of using any of their services, should I be careful since I use blogger?

FOR NOW (those of you that think this isn't right): Boycott YouTube

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