25 July 2007

Web Dev Tools

For any css nightmares as well as other web development madness, I'm going to keep a list of tools I continually use. So here goes:

  • Firefox (goes without saying)

  • MultipleIEs (stand alone installer): install ie 7 and then get this installer to install version 4.5 to 6 for testing

  • Firebug (firefox plug-in): any tweaking that you want to do on the fly to see how your page reacts, I would die without this plug-in

  • Web Developer Toolbar (firefox plug-in): useful enough to install it, has some pretty nice features

  • Yslow (firefox firebug plug-in from yahoo): profiles speed of page and gives suggestions

  • Fiddler (ie plug-in): good profiling tool/ request sniffer

  • IE Developer Toolbar (ie plug-in): gah, if this thing was only 1/10 as good as Firebug, but they don't make Firebug for IE

  • CSSVista (standalone app): if it didn't crash so often and wasn't so bloody slow, I would forsake all other css apps and do all my css work in it

I'll post links later. For now google them, I'll post more essential tools as I use them...

24 July 2007

PDF's in .NET

This may be simple for most, but this is my final word on how to display a PDF in a browser window. You have to pass in the server path string serverpath = Server.MapPath(path);

void DisplayPDF(string pdfPath, HttpResponse Response)


FileInfo fileInfo = new

if (fileInfo.Exists)





Response.BufferOutput = true;

Response.ContentType = "application/pdf";

Response.AddHeader("content-length", fileInfo.Length.ToString());

Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", "inline;filename=\"filename.pdf\"");