05 July 2007

Test Post

This is a test Post from the packcage:


get it:

sudo apt-get install gnome-blog

run it:


as you can see this plugin loves the p tag, doesnt allow for lables, and because blogger switched api's to a newer sleaker one... it posts the title in the body.

all in all not bad for something sitting on my deskbar

.FLV and Server 2003

...that rhymes

For whoever runs flash video on IIS6

Created a video player control... worked fine everywhere i tested it, expect on a box with Server 2003, spent 2hrs thinking it was my code screwing up... coworker figured out why.

Turns out that Windows Server 2003 IIS 6 requires you to identify "mime-type"s that stream.

when you go into IIS right-click on "local computer server" and click properties and click on the mime tab basically add: ".FLV" extension "flv-application/octet-stream" type

Here's the link:

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03 July 2007


This post is me uploading code and making a blog post through word 2007...
Guess what wont happen again...

typedef struct {

XtPointer next_extension; /* 1st 4 mandated for all extension records */

XrmQuark record_type; /* NULLQUARK; on ConstraintClassPart */

long version; /* must be XtConstraintExtensionVersion */

Cardinal record_size; /* sizeof(ConstraintClassExtensionRec) */

XtArgsProc get_values_hook;

} ConstraintClassExtensionRec, *ConstraintClassExtension;

typedef struct _ConstraintClassRec {

CoreClassPart core_class;

CompositeClassPart composite_class;

ConstraintClassPart constraint_class;

} ConstraintClassRec;

why am i testing this? I'tm looking for a good and easy way to display code which will keep the code looking proper, formatted, and syntax highlighted (because I'm graphically inclined).
if anyone knows of a way let me know.
I am about to give up and write a asp.net web service that takes the code and generates a png of it, if not a png i also considered a .swf and a silverlight canvas tags as well as others, but with most of those u cant copy/paste, but i might make a onclick popup where it gives you the code... think it might be a usefull service

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